Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Trendzahlen und Verkäufen?

The "trend numbers" on your dashboard show the current downloads and streams for your music.

We receive trend figures from the following shops:
  • Apple Music / iTunes
  • Spotify
  • Amazon MP3
  • Beatport (quarterly)
  • Juno download
  • Google play
  • Juke (24-7)
  • Deezer 
  • Traxsource
There are no trend numbers for YouTube.
Please note that these numbers are preliminary:
  • Some shops offer their customers the option of returning their purchases within a certain period of time;
  • Some stores offer to cancel a subscription after a customer has heard your music;
  • The months may not be evenly divided into weeks and some shops do not bill the months according to calendar months, which can lead to deviations.

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